Obscure Primary Bedroom Concept

Obscure Primary Bedroom Concept

As an abstract artist I absolutely love when a client brings me a specific but totally abstract concept for their space. It usually means they know how they want to feel but have no idea how to bring it to life. That's where I come in!

The ask: Create a space that feels like the steam from hot chocolate on your cheeks after a walk on a cold winter's day. 

Immediately what came to mind were moody but classic warm tones. This space already had a great rug and nightstand as foundational items that could be easily incorporated in to the space.

This bedroom is quite large so it needed a strong focal point to anchor the room. A soft black wall was chosen to ground the bed. The rest of the walls were painted a delicious creamy tone that looks fantastic in all lighting throughout the day - a tricky thing to achieve with lighter paint colours.

The bed, a beautiful chocolate brown leather-like fabric was the perfect ode to the delicious sweetness of hot chocolate swirling in your throat. The rounded edges soften the strong presence of the bed frame. 

I'm a sucker for asymmetry and with a boxy yet feminine statement nightstand on "her" side, I made a rounded, textured nightstand for "his" side that plays off of the monochrome look of the curtains by blending in with the wall calling the viewer to look closely at the subtleties of the space. 

Crisp white bedding and a light grey linen duvet cover ads in contrast while linking in the tones of the black and cream paint colours.

Most windows look unfinished without layering on curtains so creamy wispy panels were chosen to closely match the primary paint colour to create a subtle, luxurious look.

No room's complete without art and the trio above the bed were created specifically for this space. I'm a big colour love so this neutral toned bedroom was a fun challenge and I love spaces like this that use pops of colour for interest. Using black frames that blend with the wall colour but have large white mats really make the art pop.


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