"Your talk was the highlight of my day. It touched me so deeply, so emotionally and opened up SO much. I need you to know how much your talk changed my life, and one day I hope to "run the street with my own 6 ft painted canvas!" - Jenn

Give your audience the spark they didn't know they needed.

My mission is to raise the frequency of the planet by helping more people follow their “heart sparks” so they can play bigger, shine brighter and feel more connected.

I invite audiences to embrace their unique presence, soften into their unfolding and ultimately explore the unconfined realms of their deepest desires.

I'm here to help others embody bold expression, celebrate their curious spirit and the boundless possibilities that unfold when they grant themselves permission to say YES to what lights their soul on fire.

I'll deliver a potent talk that will inspire your audience to honour their subconscious truths and cultivate deeper connection within themselves.

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"The way you leverage your energy to convey powerful moments, reached into the hearts of the audience and connected to them so deeply…I’m honestly at a loss for words. You blew me away."

- Sarah Swain, Founder, Monetize Your Mind Summit

Here's what others are saying:

"Absolutely love your energy! Keep inspiring all of us!" - Shantel

"You would be a great addition to almost any conference." - Alex

"Your time on stage today was magical!" - Sarah