The life you live is in the box you build

About Kate's Art

My work is a beacon for those who sense there's more to life than settling for a path that doesn’t resonate at a deep soul level. Using a playful, intuitive approach I channel the energy from specific people, events and experiences, weaving introspective words and phrases through vibrant layers of acrylic paint. Pops of neon, movement, drips, words, scribbles and quirky stick figures are common identifiable elements of my work.

My process is rooted in embodying the bold expression and unapologetic energy I wish more people encouraged me to showcase when I was growing up. I’m here to celebrate your curious spirit and the boundless possibilities that unfold when you grant yourself permission to say yes to what lights your soul on fire. Limitations and convention be damned.

Creating as your silent champion to provide a visual manifestation that invites you to embrace your unique presence, soften into your unfolding and ultimately explore the unconfined realms of your deepest desires.

Doubt and muted dreams restrain so much of our world, so imagine what it would be like to cannonball into the vibrant energies that call you inward instead of coasting among the humdrum. Sounds liberating, doesn’t it?

Integrating my work into your space is an honouring of your own self-expression. It invites you to prioritize what will help you flourish and anchors you in those decisions. By accepting the invitation, you consciously choose to become part of a ripple effect contributing to a wave of unapologetic, playful, vivacious living that in turn raises the frequency of our planet.

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About Kate

I was in my early twenties, working a job I didn't love but was told I was lucky to have. I was in in a long term relationship that didn't feed me but was told was worth keeping. I had two of the big boxes checked when it came to what a "successful" life looked like, and I didn't want any of it.

Then I came across the tiny house movement and decided it was the solution to my lackluster love for life. With a tiny house I could leave my job and pursue a creative career and travel and be in nature. I could find like minded people and experience the connection I craved. I was inspired and invigorated by the possibility.

For three months I consumed myself with research to gather the information I needed to make this plan a reality.

I didn't end up building a tiny home, but what the experience gave me was the realization that choosing something different from what I was so often told I should want, was an option.

2015 marked the start of my journey to creating a life I designed. One that was fully resonant with what was right for ME.

THIS is the power of transformation. I don't believe I could have taken the next steps I needed to if I were spending my time in a space that didn't nourish me. A space I didn't connect with.

In the years since I've been challenged to re-evaluate many of the stories I was told to build my sense of self around. Stories passed down by generations before me that just don't feel like me. Now, I frequently challenge my thoughts, beliefs and opinions to support the intentional life I'm building, and it began by naively picking up a paintbrush to create a space where I could connect back to myself and begin the inward process of unbecoming.