Empower guests to unlock creativity and build self-trust through play.

It's time to stop playing small.

It's time to step in to BIG energy.

It's time to reap the rewards of what's waiting for you if only you'll get out of your own way.

"Kate has helped me trust myself, to follow what is stirring inside me as a vision to be released into the world. She offers the most inspiring questions to help you navigate and expand what you are creating. This has also been life changing in other areas of my life to go bigger, dream bigger and know there can always be a little more hidden in the layers."

Creating is a powerful way to break free from outside influences and feel empowered in your own choices and actions.

You don’t need to be artistic or consider yourself creative - my workshops are designed to help you tap into your inner voice and intuition, providing a unique and hands on tool for self-discovery and personal growth. 

I'll help you recognize when you're keeping yourself small and build you up to take risks you can be proud of.

You’ll uncover a deeper understanding of yourself and gain clarity on what you need to live more authentically and intentionally.

"Kate is a very enthusiastic, empathetic and knowledgable instructor who can help take your creative process to another level. She shares her process freely in such a fun but succinct way - I highly recommend her workshop!"

It's time to Root into You

  • Liberate your expression

    Experience freedom in expressing yourself unconfined and unrestricted.

  • Gain confidence

    Build belief in your decision-making abilities and learn to trust your instincts.

  • Overcome mental blocks

    Break free from the barriers that hold you back and keep you playing small.

  • Find joy in experimentation

    Rediscover the joy of trying new things and pivoting when things don't go as planned.

  • Develop self-reliance and trust

    Cultivate a deeper sense of reliance and trust within yourself.

  • Connect to your intuition

    Let your curiosity, intuition, and "heart sparks" guide your way.

"Kate’s workshop is very cleverly thought out and created to include all ages and abilities. It was fun, it was connecting, and it built confidence."

  • Event Entertainment

    Looking for standout entertainment that creates a lasting impression and invites personal growth and expansion? Using collaborative co-creation attendees will work together to create a soul-filled creation inspired by your event experience. Everyone gets to take a piece home as a memory! (For medium to large size events)

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  • Private Events

    Explore your potential in an intimate and fun environment. A unique experience for family reunions, adult birthday celebrations and friend get-togethers. (For smaller, more intimate gatherings)

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  • Team Building

    Inject fun and creativity in to your workday. This experience will enhance teamwork, boost morale, and inspire new ways of thinking.

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"I am fairly confident in painting abstracts but Kate provided some very helpful and practical tips and tools to make the process even more effective and fun!"