Rainbow Reverie

This collection uses colour psychology to help you anchor in to your journey. Each hue is a brushstroke of purpose that speaks to your unique path.

Pick the colour - or colours! - that resonates most deeply with you now, or the ones you want to embody!

Coming end of September!

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  • Red: Passionate Drive

    Ignite your inner fire and invigorate the pursuit of your purpose with the bold energy of red. Like a blazing ember, this color symbolizes passion and determination. Let red serve as your reminder that you possess the confidence to transform your dreams into reality. Infuse your environment with red to encourage you to embrace challenges, take bold leaps, and paint your journey with vibrant shades of achievement.

  • Orange: Bold Empowerment

    Infuse your life with the bold vitality of orange, a color that embodies adventure and spontaneity. Like a warm sunrise, orange symbolizes a new beginning and the courage to forge your own path. By adorning your space with orange, you surround yourself with a vibrant energy that propels you forward, empowering you to seize opportunities and manifest your dreams with unwavering confidence.

  • Yellow: Illuminating Ambition

    Bathe your aspirations in the radiant light of yellow, igniting a sense of clarity and illuminating your path to success. Like the sun's golden rays, yellow signifies creativity and enthusiasm. Let it remind you of your innate potential to create the life you desire. Display yellow in your home to infuse your environment with a vibrant energy that fuels your dreams and encourages you to embrace your journey with unwavering optimism.

  • Green: Harmonious Growth

    Evoke the essence of flourishing growth and harmony into your surroundings with the nourishing hues of green. Like a lush, verdant forest, this color instills a sense of renewal and deep earth connection. Allow green to reflect your commitment to self-care and personal development. Integrate green into your space to create a sanctuary that inspires hope for your prosperous future and cultivates a thriving life in sync with your dreams.

  • Blue: Serene Focus

    Invite a sense of calm and unwavering focus into your life with the soothing embrace of blue. Like the tranquil depths of the ocean, and the expansive invitation of the sky, this hue encourages clarity among chaos. Blue empowers you to channel your heart (strong work ethic) into meaningful pursuits and guides you to see beyond the immediate, creating a space of introspection and inspiration. Display blue in your home to create a stable and reliable environment that reminds you to navigate the waves of life with a steady heart.

  • Purple: Enlightened Vision

    Elevate your aspirations to new heights with the regal hues of purple, a color that exudes wisdom and enlightened vision. Like the night sky adorned with stars, purple inspires a sense of deep knowing and possibility. Display purple to guide your transformation. Let it lead you towards embracing your journey with a sense of purpose, transcending your dreams in to reality.

  • Pink: Nurturing Inspiration

    Wrap yourself in the unconditional embrace of pink, a colour that will comfort you through obstacles. Like a blooming flower, pink signifies play and the divine feminine. Invite this hue into your space to create a haven of comfort and compassion, where you can freely explore your unique path. Let pink serve as a beacon of gentle encouragement, reminding you to embrace your personal journey with hope and ingenuity.