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Kate Rogers Creations

Confidence Flex - 24x30

Confidence Flex - 24x30

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For my fellow awkward human, the ones who choose idiosyncratic expression over "normalcy". You have a strong spirit and sure, you might miss social cues, but you're carving out your own rules. Your awkwardness is the ultimate confidence flex, stay unabashed.

Details: Acrylic, spray paint, wax pastel, wood on 1.5" deep canvas. Finished with matte varnish and framed in black float frame.


Awkward Girl sometimes missed social cues or made up her own to suit. What she initially lacked in confidence she made up for in spirit - undeterred to stand true in who she knew herself to be. She didn’t dance but tried to move her feet to pop beats. She was a little - okay a lot - clumsy, but knew how to recover gracelessly when tripping up the stairs. And she was a champion at making one trip from the car loaded up with eight bags of groceries, even if it was a struggle-fest. 

But it was a regular battle of internal resolve to tune out retorts like “don’t be so awkward!” or “I can’t believe you just said that!”. Sometimes, comments would get the best of her. So she’d assertively state she didn’t dance, choosing the role of wallflower instead - the irony not lost on her that being present while opting out was just as - if not more - awkward.

Awkward Girl’s discomfort around how she was perceived gave her empathy for others. She invited misfits into her social circle and practiced kindness before judgement. With time, she learned everyone’s a little awkward, just not everyone’s comfortable showing it. To be awkward is so much of what it means to be imperfectly, authentically, human. 

In her eyes, awkward became a gift. The ultimate flex of confidence that came from letting her guard down and showing up as the developing human she was. 

Now, Awkward Girl is still awkward. Only unabashedly so.


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