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Kate Rogers Creations

Earth's Embrace - Original Poem (2 piece)

Earth's Embrace - Original Poem (2 piece)

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Original Poem Print inspired by the gifts nature has to give.

This is one poem split over 2 pages.

  • Printed on acid free archival paper
  • Made from pressed white cotton
  • Highly textured for added interest
  • Highest paper standard in the art industry
Earth's Embrace:
Today I went in to the woods and cried
I cried to the forest
My tears pelting the soft moss under foot.
I spilled to the Earth my heart ache
I cried and I kicked off my shoes
Peeled away my socks
And squished my toes in to the mulch and the dirt.
I stood and I sobbed.
I wanted to give the trees my heart
To hold and protect
And love.
But the Earth
It would not let me give my heart
For without my heart I could not beat
And so my own hands must learn to hold
And protect
And love
My heart.
The earth
It showed me
That old trees stand tall
And are strong
And while I might have been born an old soul
I am young
And I have time.
The earth
It told me
Even if I don’t have time
And I am not young
I will learn to stand tall
Because I am strong.
I cried to the canopies
And gulped in the open air
Wishing to grow roots
That connect me to the strength
Nature has in numbers.
Yet I am here
Standing amongst the trees
And I know what it is to be surrounded by strength
And beauty
But not alone.
The trees would not take my heart
The Earth would not let them take my heart
But they will protect it
As trees do
Whenever I want to come and cry
They will hear me
And they will know me.
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