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Kate Rogers Creations

Let Your Sparkle Shine - 16x20

Let Your Sparkle Shine - 16x20

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For my fellow weirdo. You were just odd enough. You didn't settle for mediocrity when it would have been easier to tame your spirit. You were meant for more. Let your sparkle shine.

Details: Acrylic, graphite, chalk pastel, confetti on 1.5" deep canvas. Finished with matte varnish and framed in black float frame.


Weird Girl dressed in blue stockings and ate soy beans for snack. She didn’t like the ends of sandwiches or finishing milk from the carton. She felt at peace in cemeteries and loved to spin in circles, always sure to counter spin when she was done to remain balanced. 

Weird Girl saved worms from drying on sidewalks after the rain, but stopped when kids from the bus stop threw them in her hair. She loved weed flowers from the ditch over formal bouquets from the florist - bonus points if they were dried and dying because that added extra interest, and reminded her to keep breathing life into her lungs.

Weird was an easy label to attribute to the things other people didn’t understand. It grew tiresome because nothing Weird Girl did was weird to her. But eventually, she began to doubt her own sense of normalcy. Hearing enough times from others that she stood out in undesirable ways, she second guessed her own expression.

Until one day, Weird Girl was endearingly coined “weirdo”. A term borne not from judgement, but sheer admiration for all that she was. And in hearing this, she found a new sense of pride and peace in what it meant to go against the grain and follow what sparked light in her heart without much of a second thought. What a gift to know Weird Girl could find her place in this world after all.

Now, Weird Girl lets her sparkle shine. She’s still weird, but she doesn’t give a damn.

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Please note that I do my best to photograph each painting as accurately as possible. All photos are taken in natural light, but exact colouring may differ slightly.
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