Let your spirit shine!

In The Space Between, let yourself find the courage to sow the seeds of remembrance, rewrite your narrative, and claim unshakable strength.

Unapologetically choose to honour the space between who others thought you should be and allow yourself to bloom into who you know you are.

Each piece is a testament to the resilience of spirit, a celebration of the nuanced nature of our identities when we’re empowered to redefine what it means to be us.

It is the space in between what we’re told to believe, and what we choose to believe that holds infinite possibility of what can yet be.

This collection is comprised of 6 bold canvas pieces and 8 simple floral blooms

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Confidence Flex - 24x30

For my fellow awkward human, the ones who choose idiosyncratic expression over "normalcy". You have a strong spirit and sure, you might miss social cues, but you're carving out your own rules. Your awkwardness is the ultimate confidence flex, stay unabashed.

Inspiration: Awkward Girl sometimes missed social cues or made up her own to suit. What she initially lacked in confidence she made up for in spirit. She didn’t dance but tried to move her feet to pop beats. She was a little - okay a lot - clumsy, but knew how to recover gracelessly when...

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Let Your Sparkle Shine - 16x20

For my fellow weirdo. You were just odd enough. You didn't settle for mediocrity when it would have been easier to tame your spirit. You were meant for more. Let your sparkle shine.

Inspiration: Weird Girl dressed in blue stockings and ate soy beans for snack. She didn’t like the ends of sandwiches or finishing milk from the carton. She felt at peace in cemeteries and loved to spin in circles, always sure to counter spin when she was done to remain balanced. 

Weird Girl saved worms from drying on sidewalks after the rain, but stopped when kids from the bus stop threw them in her hair. She loved weed flowers from the ditch over...

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Remember Your Voice - 36x24

For the ones who have a lot to say - you're not defiant and you're not difficult. You need to express yourself and you're strong in your conviction. Honour the audacious boldness inside of you and always remember that your voice has a place in this world.

Inspiration: Outspoken Girl was told she’d make a good lawyer. A favourite story to share at family gatherings was how she frequently advocated for the wrongful timeouts of her fellow kindergartners. Yes, when she was 5. She possessed a strong sense of...

Keep the Dreamer - 20x24

For the one's who let their light dance alongside their shadows. Your strength will lead you to great things. Keep dancing, keep loving the dreamer within.

Inspiration: Giraffe girl was often the tallest in the class. A point of pride to claim first place in a competition few other people cared to play. She revelled in the independence that came from being able to reach the top shelf, and looking older than her age. She was proud to get top spot in track and helped her team win the relay race. Tall people could do anything!

But her visions of grandeur shrunk when...

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Follow Your Wonder - 24x30

For the children at heart, the ones who can lose themselves in (or desire to reconnect to) the world of play. Your sense of curiosity and possibility is one of the greatest gifts. Keep cultivating your wonder, follow it - don't ever let it die.

Inspiration: Childish Girl was easily excited, often jumping up and down and clapping her hands with glee. She loved to spontaneously run up to large trees and exclaim “come on, let’s CLIMB that!”. She often saw inanimate objects for what they could - a wooden spoon was far more exciting if it were a wand - and movie watching was always more fun in a fort. 

Childish Girl’s fascination with the world didn’t fade in...

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Exactly Enough - 36x24

For the sensitive souls, the ones whose feelings were bigger than the hands that held them. You were never too much. You were always, exactly enough. 

Inspiration: Sensitive Girl didn’t know she was sensitive. What she knew was that feeling deeply was woven into her being. It wasn’t a quality she developed, it simply just existed.  She understood feelings without the need for explanation and had the uncanny ability to know when something was wrong upon walking into a room. Sensitive Girl cried when they ...